Saturday, January 24, 2009

Colored Pencil of Almost a Sun Flower

copyright by S. Ciaccio 2009

"Almost a Sun Flower"
colored pencil 14" by 17"

I am still amazed a how much fun the colored pencils are. I notice that my technique is very heavy handed. I build up very thick layers. that is hard on the paper and at some point the work will not take any more pencil. Colored pencil remind me of how exciting it was to get a new box of crayons when you were young. My technique gives that waxy build up you get from crayons. For me there was never a better present then a brand new box of cayongs. Their smell can still get to me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pen and Ink Sun Flowers

copyright by S.Ciaccio 2009

"Almost a Sun Flower "
pen and ink 11" by 14" 80lb. paper

I unpacked my ink pens I had packed up many years ago when I did not have time to use them. I had forgot the different lines you get with pen and ink versus pencil. I enjoyed exploring the media again and have resolved it will not be the last time.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stuck on Sun Flowers

copyright S. Ciaccio 2009
"Getting Ready"
Pencil Drawing 11" by 14" 80lb. paper
I took a lot of pictures of these sunflowers that were growing in the backyard. I like to garden but due to the nature of the soil here in Texas I am forced to do it in containers. Having the time to follow these sunflowers daily progress was very gratifying. Since Hurricane Ike planted them September 13 they had to get a lot of growing in before December. They are all gone now due to reconstruction of the fence that Ike blew down as well. I made every one work around them untill they had finished blooming.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Water color Study "Ike Sun Flower Bud"

Copyright S. Ciaccio 2009
" Hurricane Ike Sun Flower Bud"
Water Color 11" by 15" 140lb paper
I have found I like to use different media on the same subject. Still learning want works, what I like and how to balance time. I find it difficult to find time for all I want to do. I at first thought it would be hard to fill my days after I retired from teaching because it( teaching) consumed all my time, but as in many thing in my life "God laughs" . Where does the day go? My art has centered in on exploration of media on this subject the sunflower hurricane Ike planted.